40gpm hydraulic pump

Dimensions: 74"(L) x 74"(W) x 64"(H)

Weight: 3200lbs


Pumps: 2) independently pressure controlled and filtered 20gpm@2500psi pressure compensated piston type.

Cooling: Built in cooling/filter loop runs independently of the main loop w/thermostatically controlled heat exchanger.

Reservoir capacity: 200 gallons (Tellus 46)

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Voltage:  480vac 3 phase 4 wire

Current:  2) 60amp runs (1 for each motor)

Generator required:  If the pump is to be run off a generator, we recommend a minimum 60kw.

Electrical connections:  Connections to the unit are industry standard "Camloc" type, 3 "hot" legs and a ground, no neutral required. Two 60 amp runs are needed to run both pumps.

A 100' pendant with start/stop controls is included to remotely control the unit.