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3d printer used for Rapid prototyping

3d Powder Printer

Stratsys ABS plastic printer

Stratsys ABS plastic printer

3d rapid prototyping

With these 3 dimensional printers we can build a physical model directly from a STL CAD model. Data can be acquired either from a reverse digitized scan, see 3d scan page, a CAD model provided by the customer, or a freeform computer model done completely from scratch here in house.

Parts in the powder printer can be fabricated up to a size of 8"(L) x 8"(W) x 10"(D). The ABS printer has a larger capacity build area.
There are different types of powder that can be used to build a part including an elastomer to create flexible parts. One example that the printer could be used for would be to reproduce automotive emblems and plant-on's for prop vehicles.

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