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3 Axis Mill
4 Axis CNC Mill

5 axis router
5 Axis CNC Router

Big Lathe
Big Bertha Lathe

Bridgeport Mills
Bridgeport Mills

Additional Lathes

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3 Axis-Plus CNC Servo Mill:

The 7-1/2hp Servo 3 Axis Plus CNC mill can accommodate material up to 42" x 19" x 23". A 4th axis is available to do more complex parts.



5 Axis CNC Router:

On this mill we can machine foam, fiberglass and wood. In 3 axis mode it can machine an envelope of up to 80" x 84" x 48". Larger items can be broken up into smaller pieces, then assembled into the final part. It's fully CNC programmable so we are able to machine from artists' freeform drawings.


Logan Lathe:

This baby can handle material up to 36" diameter and 144" in length. Specs: 25hp Logan 36/48 Gap x 144 w/DRO and taper attachment.