Ships in Pearl Harbor
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Some of the equipment we have available:

* Urethane gun: used to create all types of hard or flexible foams as well as bedliner material (Rhino Liner) and hardcoating of sculpted foam.

* Chopper gun: for layup of large fiberglass molds and parts. Very quick and economical.

* Silicon gun: for spraying silicon molding rubber into large molds to reproduce detailed surfaces and texture including undercuts that a hard mold cannot accomplish.

* Spray guns: for gelcoat and tooling resins including Duratek surface primer sealers.

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Staff shop services

The Staff shop started out in a small corner of the shop a few years ago with a vacuum form machine and some various fiberglass tooling. Presently, it has a separate building dedicated just for related projects. Some of those projects are highlighted in the gallery on the next page. With each film production, projects grew larger in size and more detailed in design requiring more functionality; additional space and equipment were needed.

With small jobs such as a 18th century padlock reproduced in "fast cast" urethane, carbon fiber body parts for the "Skybike", to a fiberglass Blackhawk helicopter, we have the experience and equipment to create a wide range of static and action props that look and perform. Projects like the Skybike and the Mack truck were first created on the computer, then those computer models were broken into pieces that could fit onto the 5 Axis Router. Each piece was machined separately in foam then assembled into the final part. The parts fit perfectly together and hold a high degree of accuracy. Virtually anything that can be modeled on a computer can be reproduced. Objects can also be scanned into the computer and reproduced too.

In the October '05 issue of American Machinist is an article on projects related to the production of 'The Island', featuring software used in the machining process of creating these action props. Check it out

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