Ships in Pearl Harbor

waterjet cutter
CNC WaterJet saw

waterjet cutter

plasma cut
CNC Plasma Cutter

waterjet & plasma cutting
Waterjet Cutting

The CNC waterjet saw is one of the most versatile machines in our shop. It can cut aluminum, steel, stainless, wood, glass, rubber and more, up to 2" thick. Table size is 96" x 48" but can accommodate larger pieces of material. It can programmed either by a customer's file via CAD or simple shapes can used from the library. Any 2d shape that can be drawn in CAD can be cut on this machine.

Some of the past projects fabricated with the Waterjet are: The Armadillo seen in 'Armageddon', Tank seen in 'XXX2-State of the Union', Tanks in 'Tears of the Sun' and 'Windtalkers', The Oklahoma rollover gimble from 'Pearl Harbor', The boat gimbal used on 'Perfect Storm' and most recently, the 100 ton flight simulator used in 'Stealth'.



Plasma Cutting

The CNC Plasma cutter programs the same way as the Waterjet although it uses a different technology to actually cut the material. It has the same size table but is limited to ferrous metals. Its advantage is that cutting speed can be increased 2-3 times over the Waterjet. Tolerances are less though than the Waterjet. The Plasma has been used to fabricate projects for all of the films listed above plus countless more.

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